Next-generation memory 1 million times faster than flash memory !
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V-memory Technology


Next-generation memory semiconductor, 1 million times faeter

Over 1 a million times faster than flash memory.

Next – generation semiconductor memory with iong life V-memory Co. technology is…

The core technology of 5G, autonomous driving, big data 4th industrial revoluttion.

1 million times faster memory

The time it takes from Earth to the moon

What is a 1 million times?

Speed of light 300,000 km/s > 1 seconds

Speed of Jet 0.3 km/s >  11 days

V-memory Summary

Next Generation Flash Memory
More than 100x speed / semi-permanent life / semi-permanent data retention

Why now?

4th Industrial Revolution

IoT, Growth of Big Data

Cloud Usage Growth

Growth of 5G


Limits of memory cell speed and density

Production cost increase Technical limitations


 ‘ V-memory ‘

  1 million times faster

  Semi-permanent lifespan

  Semi-permanent data preservation


50% simple structure

Cost Reduction

Use of existing production line

V-memory Characteristics

V-memory Applications

API – Autonomous Car

Artificial Intelligence Design and Implementation Platform

Development infrastructure supporting deep learning

Data Center Solutions for Robust Simulation and Testing

The highest level of the universal safety program

The amount of data that an Autonomous Car must process

4000GB (4TB) per day

Need fast write speed DATA STORAGE

1 million times faster storage device
Save response device information without buffering

(Radar camera data, Traffic information)

Safe Autonomous driving
API – Bigdata

10 million times
longer lifespan

Data retention ability

Extended replacement cycle

Reduce maintenance costs

Data center storage device without worrying about lifespan

1 million times faster

Big data can be processed quickly

(Personal / Hospital, etc.)

Next-generation data center server

API – Personal Supercomputer

Personal Supercomputer

Slow memory device on an existing computer

Replaced with V-memory

5 million times faster with slow device replacement

Personal supercomputer commercialization possible