Patent technology

' V-memory ' Next generation flash memory !


  • V-memory leads the future of the 4th Industrial Revolution such as Supercomputer, 5G, Autonomous Driving, and Big Data.
  • V-memory is a new memory technology that can operate up to 1 million times faster than current flash memory technology and includes various patented technologies such as replacing SRAM, DRAM, SSD at once, miniaturizing and personalizing large supercomputer, and maintaining long life by reducing heat.
  • In addition, V-memory can store high-capacity files quickly so that VR, AR, and 3D services can be enjoyed without interruption.
  • This V-memory stores and processes vast amounts of information from responsive devices such as radar cameras and traffic information at a million times speed without buffering and enables safe autonomous driving of autonomous vehicles.
  • In addition, V-memory can improve the efficiency of medical systems by quickly accessing not only technology but also large numbers of big data in schools, companies, and medical fields.
  • Compared with flash memory technology, V-memory is the next generation semiconductor memory technology with a new operating principle having three core technologies of
  1.  Memory write speed is 1 million times faster,
  2.  Memory life is more than 10 times longer, and
  3.  Manufacturing process is simplified more than 50%