Next-generation memory 1 million times faster than flash memory !
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The Next Generation Memory

Next-generation memory semiconductor, 1 million times faeter

Over 1 a million times faster than flash memory.

Next – generation semiconductor memory with iong life V-memory Co. technology is…

The core technology of 5G, autonomous driving, big data 4th industrial revoluttion.

V-memory Necessity

1 million times faeter V-memory

Traditional flash memory technologies show the limitations of aggregation due to the drawbacks of low speed and short life span due to recent miniaturization and stubbornness. As 5G technology has been commercialized since 2019, memory speed of mobile devices is urgently required. Accordingly, IDM companies Samsung and Toshiba are developing technologies that improve flash memory speed. Also, research on next-generation non-volatile memory technologies such as storage memory, magnetic memory, and phase-change memory that can replace existing flash memory technologies is underway worldwide. However, these next-generation volatile memory technologies have disadvantages of high power consumption or complex device structures, and do not significantly improve device speed.

V-memory Next-generation memory semiconductor

[Preparation for existing flash memory]

Speed : 1 million times
Lifetime : Semi-permanent
Data preservation : semi-permanent
Structure : 50% simple structure


Market Size

Global memory semiconductor market trend

annual the growth rate of about 13.8%.

World Semiconductor Market: $608 Bills Expected
World Memory Semiconductor Market: $ 250 Bills Expected


Smartphone consumption in the Middle East and North Africa is rapidly increasing

Active support for infrastructure and system maintenance for self-driving cars in many countries

Data center expansion due to increased use of cloud services



V-memory technology not only overcomes the challenges of next-generation non-volatile memory technologies, but also increases the integration limit of existing flash memory processing technologies.


Manufacturing Process

V-memory has a simple structure compared to flash memory.

Reduce manufacturing costs (30% or more)

V-memory can be created using the flash memory production line as it is.


Growth Strategy

4th Industrial Revolution: Fast and long-lived semiconductors are needed.

Flash memory size: reduced to current limit (increased manufacturing costs)

Need next-generation semiconductors with high semiconductor performance and reduced manufacturing costs

Shutdown strategy: Technical cost as much as the process cost saved by V-memory technology support