Next-generation memory 1 million times faster than flash memory !

Next-generation flash memory

Next-generation flash memory


V-memory technology is…

Not only does it overcome the problems of the next generation of nonvolatile memory technology,

of the existing flash memory process technology,

It provides technology that can increase integration limitations.

Next-generation memory semiconductor, 1 million times faeter
Next-generation semiconductor memory with long life V-memory corp.’s technology is
The core Technology for 5G, autonomous driving, big data 4th industrial revolution

Why now?

  • 4th Industrial Revolution
  • IoT, Growth of Big Data
  • Cloud Usage Growth
  • Growth of 5G


  • Limits of memory cell speed and density
  • Production cost increase Technical limitations



Next-generation semiconductor

manufacturing technology


  • 1 million times faster
  • Semi-permanent lifespan
  • Semi-permanent data preservation

Thermoelectric (V-ET 1.3)

What is a thermoelectric semiconductor?

V-ET 1.3

Convert electrical energy to cooling/heat energy, or

It is a device that converts cooling/heat energy into electrical energy.

V-ET ‘Best Performing Thermoelectric Device’
Next-generation growth energy that converts heat into electricity.
World’s highest efficiency zT1.3, 50% faster cooling speed and 50% power reduction compared to existing products

Why now?

  • To resolve the domestic and international carbon emission problem
  • Global awareness of climate change issues
  • Expansion of Eco-friendly energy businesses


  • Energy distribution imbalance
  • Global Warming
  • Fossil energy depletion


Eco-Friendly High Efficiency
Thermoelectric Semiconductor


  • World best Efficiency (zT 1.3)
  • 50% power reduction
  • 50% faster cooling speed


V-memory Corp. CEO  J. S. Rhyee
V-memory’s business pursuits a better life and better environmental protection. We have two main business items: the next-generation high-speed memory device and the high-performance thermoelectric cooling materials/devices.

The research on the next generation semiconductor is recently intensifying globally due to the scaling limit of semiconductor integration. The future technology requires enormous data storage and high processing speed because artificial intelligence (AI), Big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are essential in the 4th industrial revolution period. Therefore, the next-generation semiconductor needs higher speed, higher integration, and excellent stability than conventional semiconductors.

V-memory Corp. is a start-up company from a University Lab. in 2018, it commercializes the next-generation memory devices that can overcome the current limitation of semiconductor technologies and deal with future technological needs.

We have fundamental patents for thermoelectric materials and devices that show high thermoelectric figure-of-merit zT over a wide temperature range.

The state-of-the-art thermoelectric materials can be applied to efficient cooling appliances such as small refrigerators, device cooling, and useful small thermal management system.

Even though the current thermoelectric devices’ market remains in a niche market, we believe it can be expanded progressively as a next-generation cooling technology. Our efforts to enhance thermoelectric performance can accelerate the market growth in thermoelectric applications.

We promise to do our best to become a world-class semiconductor company through constant change and growth.



55 patent applications

16 patent registration

4 PCT applications

JAN TIPS PRJ in progress

45 patent applications

8 patent registration

3 PCT applications

MAR – Moved into Heungdeok IT Valley

       –  Relocation of corporate location

JUN  – Research equipment utilization PRJ (Research intensive)

DEC  – Selected as TIPS PRJ


31 patent applications

4 patent registration

3 PCT applications

JAN  – Investment Attraction – Ulsan University U2A No. 2

       – Private Investment  Association

FEB  – Venture Business Certification

MAR – Moving into Korea Nanotech

       – Institute Relocation of corporate location

MAY – Excellent Technology Evaluation Company Certifications (T-5)

       – Acquired Technology Guarantee Fund U-Tech Guarantee

JUN – Research Equipment Utilization PRJ

      – Initial Startup Package PRJ

JUL – Established company-affiliated research institute

10 patent applications

JUL – Establishment of V-memory Corp

SEP – Investment attraction – ActnerLab